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Nash Bait Citruz Complete Range-Pink / White, Pop Ups, Hookbait,Wafters,Boillies

Slow sinking, fast leak off and ideal over weed and silt!

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B2163- Citruz Pellets 2mm - 900g £4.99
Out of Stock
B2164- Citruz Pellets 6mm - 900g £4.99
3 in Stock
B2181 - Citruz Spod Syrup1Ltr £11.99
1 in Stock
B0050 - Citruz 30ml Spray £5.99
Out of Stock
B7212 - Cultured Fizzing Stck Mix £7.99
1 in Stock
B7207 - 15mm x 25's Pop Ups Cultured £9.99
6 in Stock
B7208 - 20mm x 15's Pop Ups Cultured £9.99
2 in Stock
B7210 - 20mm X15's Cultured Hookbait £9.99
Out of Stock
B7209 - 18mm X15's Cultured Hookbait £9.99
4 in Stock
B7211 - 15mm X25's Cultured Hookbait £9.99
3 in Stock
B2176 - 12mm 75g Pink Wafters £9.99
4 in Stock
B2177 - 15mm 10g Pink Wafters £5.99
2 in Stock
B2179 - 18mm 100g Pink Wafters £5.99
3 in Stock
B2178 - 20mm 100g Pink Wafters £5.99
Out of Stock
B2171- 12mm 75g White Wafter £5.99
3 in Stock
B2172 - 15mm 100g White Wafters £5.99
5 in Stock
B2174 - 18mm 100g White Wafters £5.99
3 in Stock
B2173 - 20mm 100g White Wafters £5.99
Out of Stock
B2149 - 12m 50g White Pop Ups £5.99
4 in Stock
B2151 - 15mm 75g White Pop Ups £5.99
4 in Stock
B2153 - 18mm 75g White Pop Ups £5.99
3 in Stock
B2152 - 20mm 75g White Pop Ups £5.99
Out of Stock
B2147 - 20mm 75g Pink Pop Ups £5.99
Out of Stock
B2148 - 18mm 75g Pink Pop Ups £5.99
3 in Stock
B2146 - 15mm 75g Pink Pop Ups £5.99
4 in Stock
B2144 - 12mm 50g Pink Pop Ups £5.99
2 in Stock
B2165 - 1Kg 12mm White Stabilised Boillies £13.99
2 in Stock
B2166 - 1Kg 15mm White Stabilised Boillies £12.99
3 in Stock
B2167 - 1Kg 15mm White Stabilised Boillies £12.99
1 in Stock
B2168 - 1Kg 20mm White Stabilised Boillies £12.99
Out of Stock
B2139 - 1Kg 12mm Pink Stabilised Boillies £13.99
4 in Stock
B2141 - 1Kg 15mm Pink Stabilised Boillies £12.99
Out of Stock
B2143 - 1Kg 18mm Pink Stabilised Boillies £12.99
Out of Stock
B2142 - 1Kg 20mm Pink Stabilised Boillies £12.99
Out of Stock
B2138- Citruz Flake - 1kg £12.99
Out of Stock



Slow sinking, fast leak off and ideal over weed and silt!

Citruz fans now also have the edge of Kevin Nash’s deadly Flake approach. Slow sinking, fast leak off and ideal over weed and silt the irregular pieces of pastel and high viz pink Citruz Flake provide massive pulling power from just a handful of feed.

Encouraging competitive feeding it’s a great addition to a spod mix, PVA bag mixes or as a stand alone bait, holding carp in a swim for longer giving you the best chance of building up a hit of fish even in tough conditions. Citruz Flake is available in 1kg bags in stabilised format.

Citruz White Boilies

Ultimate visual attraction in all water conditions

The legendary carp catching performance of Citruz, now in pure white for ultimate visual attraction in all water conditions and temperatures.

Perfect for mixing with two tone pink Citruz boilies and offering match the hatch presentation options when using white Citruz Wafters and Airball pop ups.

A favourite of Alan Blair especially on busy public venues such as park lakes where white baits score consistently best, and equally successful on natural venues when faced with highly nomadic or unpressurised carp.

Citruz Special Edition Boilies

Pastels and high attract pinks – deadly!

The runaway success of the awesome high attract Citruz pop ups has forced Nashbait to release a special edition run of shelf-life Citruz boilies – bottom baits with zing.

One bait to get you a bite when all else fails – it’s Citruz.

Now available in a shelf-life special edition bottom bait in 10, 12, 15 and 20mm in 1kg bags, each bag contains washed out no spook pink boilies plus brighter, darker pink baits in the same bag – giving presentation edges without buying twice.

Special Edition Citruz allows the switched on carper to use the pulling power of Citruz in more ways than ever, from crushed boilies in cobweb bags to stringers and snowman rigs. 

Based on a highly digestible cereal and milk protein base mix with proven cold water pedigree, levels and taste of the deadly fruit ester, essential oil and Talin attractor blend have been adjusted to allow Citruz boilies to be used effectively as free offerings as well as hookbaits. Like the pop ups they come into their own when conditions and angler pressure make bites difficult to come by on any other bait.

Citruz Spod Syrup

Optimum stimulation in cold water

Combining the same powdered and liquid attractors as in the deadly Citruz boilies and pop ups but in a highly soluble, super sweet PVA friendly liquid that instantly boosts the taste and attraction in your swim.

Use to surface coat Citruz Pellets, Boilies and Flake, or damp down stick mixes for optimum stimulation in cold water with minimum feed. Citruz Syrup contains low level fizzing properties the same as in Cultured Fizzing Stick Mix for additional sound stimulation. Brilliant when combined with Spod Cloud sloppy groundbait over zigs for a pink coloured fruit explosion in the upper layers.

Citruz Liquid Bait Soak

It’s the perfect addition to your cold water bait armoury!

Expanding the unstoppable Citruz range, the legendary Nashbait fruit attractor blend is now harnessed in a dedicated Citruz Liquid Bait Soak. Super soluble in all water temperatures but using a natural sugar and syrup base ensures there’s a combination of instant and residual attraction ideal for when feeding spells are short.

PVA friendly and with no limit to inclusion Citruz Liquid Bait Soak can be used to dip hookbaits and coat boilie free offerings, over maggots, makes a perfect high attract stick mix liquid and can be used for soaking plastic and zig foam. It’s the perfect addition to your cold water bait armoury.

Citruz Concentrate

Spray your way to faster action

The deadly Citruz attractor blend in an atomiser bottle – simply spray on, and catch more!

Citruz Concentrate contains the stunning fruit ester and essential oil attractor package used in Nashbait’s Citruz pop ups – boosting hookbaits and free offerings instantly. Can be used to boost almost any bait – from maggots, pellets and plastic baits.

Citruz Concentrate has proven remarkably effective overspraying other pop ups – try it on Instant Action Coconut Crème!

Citruz Pellet

Increases the chances of action when water temperatures are low

A purpose designed low oil winterised carp pellet infused in two stages with Citruz powdered and liquid additives for a high attract carpet feed that increases the chances of action when water temperatures are low.

Use for PVA bag and stick mix fillings, or as a carpet feed that helps defeat bird life and maintain feeding activity for prolonged periods. Available in 2mm and 6mm, giving options for variable breakdown to suit session length or use in combination for a constant attraction timeline.

Citruz Cultured Fizzing Stick Mix

Get high-viz with FIZZ!

Citruz Cultured® Fizzing Stick Mix is the fizzing fruit cocktail stick filling that brings a feeding response when other baits fail.

A ground breaking step forwards in active attraction it gently fizzes, breaking up the mix and releasing food particles through the water column to draw carp to the hookbait using sight, sound, smell and taste.

Containing the same deadly fruit esters, aminos, nucleotides and vitamins and minerals as the living skin on Citruz Cultured® Hookbaits the moist, ultra fine Citruz Cultured® Fizzing Stick Mix compresses straight from the bag without additional liquid. Get high-viz with Fizz! For best results use with Citruz Cultured® Hookbaits.

Supplied in 200 gram bags.

Citruz Cultured Hookbaits

Use with Cultured Fizzing Stick Mix

Bright pink Citruz Cultured® Hookbaits slowly release complex fruit esters, aminos, nucleotides and vitamins and minerals from the dissolving Culture skin for unbeatable attraction in all conditions.

Repeatedly layered over a balanced core bait using Nashbait’s unique two stage Culture glaze process, the skin of Citruz Cultured® Hookbaits is infused with spray dried powdered versions of the killer Citruz additives. The ultimate conclusion to the Citruz range, they are one bait to get a bite when all else fails. For best results use with Citruz Cultured® Fizzing Stick Mix.

Citruz Cultured® Pop ups

Constantly releases nucleotides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals

The repeated Nashbait layering and glazing process around core high attract Citruz airballs produces Citruz Cultured® Pop Ups with the unique attraction of the deadly fruit blend in a pink high visual Culture skin that constantly releases nucleotides, amino acids and vitamins and minerals without affecting the balance or buoyancy of the hookbait.

Available in 15mm and 20mm.

Citruz Wafters


Needle friendly controlled buoyancy hookbaits for slow sinking and balanced presentations.

Perfect slow sinking hookbaits to offset the weight of the hook when tackling rig shy carp.

Using a carefully calculated ratio of Nashbait’s Airball mix blended with base mix and elevated liquid additives, Wafters offer presentation options that trip up pressured carp. Needle friendly, colour matched to the free offerings, when mounted on a hair Wafters sink more slowly than bottom baits out the bag, ensuring they act like safe free offerings, without the additional tell tale weight of a hook.

As the size of the Wafter hookbait increases, its relative buoyancy is also increased to offset the weight of the larger hook required.

Citruz Pop Ups Pink

High attract pastels and pinks

Deadly Citruz high attract pop ups to match the Special Edition Citruz boilies.

Dedicated pop ups using the awesome fruit ester, essential oil and Talin attractor blend and matching the two shades of Citruz Special Edition Boilies. Each tub contains a mix of washed out pastel pop ups and high attract pinks.

Rolled using Nashbait’s legendary needle friendly ultra buoyant Airball mix, perfect for chods and stiff rigs.

Available in 10, 15 and 20mm, each pot includes a 3ml Citruz Booster Spray.

Citruz Pop Ups White

Taking high attract pop ups to their ultimate conclusion

One bait to get a bite when all else fails – pop-ups with Zing! Citruz are the ultimate in high attract hookbaits.

The Citruz range of Airball pop ups is the result of the most exhaustive testing of attractor combinations yet. Covering thousands of man hours documenting the reaction of experienced carp to dozens of blends and levels with different additives the result is the one hookbait that consistently brings bites when others fail.

Citruz pop ups use a blend of fruit esters, essential oils and the broad spectrum taste enhancer Talin to produce a simply amazing aroma that is as distinctive as it is deadly. Long lasting in the water column, dissipating easily in the coldest conditions and attracting at all levels to pull carp down to your hookbait, Citruz instantly became the bait that field testers would not fish without.

Rolled using the improved Nash Airball mix offering extreme buoyancy for chod and stiff link presentations,

Citruz Airballs are needle friendly, durable and available in both pink and white. 

Each item sold separately

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Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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