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Daiwa Spectron Commercial Ultra Quiver Rod 10′ 2+2Pce 1-40g- SPCU10Q-AU / 220683

Description Daiwa Spectron Commercial Ultra Quiver Rod

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Daiwa Spectron Commercial Ultra Quiver Rod 10' 2+2Pce 1-40g- SPCU10Q-AU / 220683 £199.99

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Daiwa Spectron Commercial Ultra Quiver Rod

The Daiwa Spectron Commercial Ultra Quiver Rod emerges as a must-have for discerning UK anglers, combining cutting-edge technology with precision engineering. This rod is tailored for those who demand excellence in their angling equipment, whether they are seasoned professionals or enthusiastic amateurs.

Key to its appeal are the MTQ quivers, available in 1.0Oz and 1.5Oz BG. These quivers offer unparalleled sensitivity, allowing for an immediate response to even the most subtle of bites. This sensitivity is essential for commercial fishing, where the difference between a successful catch and a near-miss often lies in the split-second reaction to a fish’s nibble.

The HVF nanoplus technology in the rod construction marks a significant advancement in fishing rod materials. By incorporating high volume fibre at the nano-level, Daiwa has achieved a rod that is both lighter and stronger. This technology not only reduces arm fatigue during long fishing sessions but also enhances the rod’s responsiveness, giving anglers a more direct connection to their line and lure.

Another standout feature is the V-Joint Alpha, a testament to Daiwa’s commitment to seamless rod action and durability. This joint technology ensures a smooth curve under stress, reducing the risk of weak spots and providing a consistent action throughout the rod. It’s particularly beneficial when playing larger fish, ensuring that the rod can withstand the rigours of a challenging fight.

The inclusion of the exclusive Daiwa Air Sensor reel seat is a noteworthy addition. It provides a secure and comfortable grip on the reel, reducing slippage and improving control. This feature is especially important in wet conditions, ensuring that anglers maintain a firm hold on their gear at all times.

SeaGuide TDG guides are another critical component. These guides are designed to reduce line friction, allowing for smoother casts and reducing the wear on your line. They are robust enough to handle heavier lines and powerful casts, making them suitable for a variety of fishing conditions.

The slim profile of the rod, combined with softer actions, offers a more refined and delicate approach to angling. This design allows for precise casting and is particularly effective when targeting smaller species or fishing in waters where finesse is key.

The hard EVA handle with Armlock enhances comfort and control. This durable material is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the rod maintains its quality over time. The Armlock feature allows for a more ergonomic grip, reducing strain on the wrist and forearm.

Megatop QTs on Q models provide an added level of sensitivity and responsiveness. This feature is particularly useful for detecting shy bites, ensuring that anglers don’t miss any opportunity for a catch.

Finally, the inclusion of a hook keeper is a thoughtful addition. It provides a convenient spot to secure your hook when the rod is not in use, protecting the rod, line, and anglers from accidental snags or injuries.

Key Features

  • MTQ quivers 1.0Oz & 1.5Oz BG
  • HVF nanoplus
  • V-Joint Alpha
  • Exclusive Daiwa Air Sensor reel seat
  • SeaGuide TDG guides
  • Slim profile softer actions
  • Hard EVA handle with Armlock
  • Megatop QTs (on Q models)
  • Hook keeper


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