New and improved for 2020, our best selling pole – just got even better! By tweaking the technology in the larger sections, we have now made the Definition even more responsive. Not just a cosmetic change, be sure to check it and tell us we’re wrong! European technology at it’s very best presenting a pole firmly aimed at the club & pleasure angler alike. Although budget price tagged, the quality, build & package destroys it’s competitors by a country mile! Manufactured utilising a high tensile carbon and bonded to our unique STER & 4 MAT epoxy resins, the Definition has the feeling of a match pole but the strength to tackle any commercial venue. It’s a true all-rounder that is suited to rivers, lakes & canals but with the power kits fitted will handle any carp that swims. At 11.5m the weight is an imprerssive 615g & at 13m (mini ext. excluded) just 875g. All sections include the innovative black Suncore finish. The honey comb of fine metal fibres provide additional strength and ease of shipping in all weather conditions is quite simply ‘the best’. Teflon joints have been applied to sections 3,4,5 & 6 eliminating carbon to carbon wear. Magic steps are present internally on all match and power kits. The Powerlite power kits have been banded for additional strength and factory fitted with high quality PTFE side slots. Each power tip is also fitted with internal PTFE bushes as standard. The high quality power kits also feature our Fusion technology substantially increasing rigidity & tip speed when heavier elastics are fitted. A very stiff, well balanced pole supplied with a generous kit package.