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Daiwa SS2600 Tournament Whisker Reel – 186488

Daiwa Tournament SS2600 Whisker Reel

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Daiwa SS2600 Tournament Whisker Reel - 186488 £139.99

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Daiwa Tournament SS2600 Whisker Reel

When you’re going after the challenge and thrill of a new personal best from a species that’s cunning, wily, and puts up a more than satisfying fight, you want to go equipped with top of the range equipment, knowing you’re loaded and ready for whatever the water brings to you.

For decades, Daiwa have been an acknowledged leader in the world of angling  equipment, particularly their reels, which are well established as the reel of choice for anglers of all disciplines. With the SS2600,Daiwa have proved their commitment to game-changing features.  A  tapered long-stroke spool gives you the freedom to cast smoothly over almost any distance; this 350g reel can hold an impressive 165yards of 12lb line, giving you near-total freedom over any type of waterway, and setting you up as an enviable challenger to the wiles of the local fish.  A  spring-loaded oversized drag gives you a smooth, easy action, helping you hold on to even the most aggressive fish, and coolly countering fast, hard takes on your hookbait. On the bail arm, a positive-action roller trip helps avoid crack-offs, so even novice anglers who are still working on getting their cast spot-on can reap the rewards of a smooth, quiet presentation.

If you like to take on big fish in a fair fight, the 5:5:1 gear ratio gives you the freedom and line strength to play the biggest, most fiesty fish that might come up and take your bait, without any risk that you’ll feel at a significant disadvantage.

This is the ultimate in multi-purpose fishing technology with a wide adjustment range that offers exceptional versatility, giving you the best possible headstart against your fish of choice, whatever waters you typically fish, and whatever conditions you may face.  Stainless steel ball bearings give this reel exceptional durability designed to withstand regular, heavy use in rough waters, against tough fish, while keeping the action  smooth, ensuring that however intense the play during your session, you’ll manage to make it look effortless.  When you’re taking on fish who are determined to remain in the water, the right kit makes the difference between your new personal best making the album, and being the one that got away.

Offering precision machining for guaranteed performance reliability, together with complete bankside versatility, the SS2600 is as striking to look at as it is easy to use, and powerful in play. Presented in striking subtle gold against classic black, the way you play the fish you bring in won’t be the only reason you’re getting positive attention on the bank.

The SS2600 features a lifetime bail spring, precision worm gear, one-touch folding handle, precision-click adjustment, a long-cast aluminium spool and cut proof SIC line roller, giving you the versatility, durablility and practical, precision performance you need when you’re out on the water and out on the chase.

 is all about knowing where to look for the fish you want, reading the weather and water conditions, adapting your approach to local Specialist Fishing variations, and having the right technique and the right technology.  Using the Daiwa SS2600 Tournament Whisker reel takes care of the technology angle, and gives you a headstart on developing the perfect technique for superior performance.

Dare to go big, send out a strong cast, and try for the toughest fish on the wildest waters with the Daiwa SS2600 Tournament Whisker Reel which looks good, and perfoms better.  Give yourself the advantage of top-quality, expert-designed, precision-manufactured kit, with its natural enhancement of your existing technique, and enjoy the satisfaction of bringing up the fish you’ve been after your whole angling career.  Do it well: do it with Daiwa


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